Women’s Lives

June 1945

Think about this, women of the twenty-first century: before my father boarded his assigned tankers and ships, he penned a letter:
To Whom It May Concern:

            Any decisions, ordinarily requiring approval of a husband may be executed upon instructions from my wife, Mrs. Elinor Beaton, with this letter giving my unconditional approval.

Mom might need that in case she had to see a doctor while her husband was away. Surgery needed a husband’s approval.

Women were still viewed as under the protection of a male (husband, brother, etc.) in our town, in that time.

How things have changed!

One thought on “Women’s Lives

  1. Anne Gillespie Lewis

    Hi, Jane,
    How times have changed and for the better. Do keep this up as I enjoy your writings so much. (btw, I wrote this behind my husband’s back, haha!) Hello to the Mr.
    your (very) old friend, Anne

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