Happy New Year

January. Another new year. Another year past WWII. I wonder whether our collective memories of that war are fading now that our vets from that war are mostly gone.

When I was in school, we always ended our world or American history courses with WWII. We never had time to get into the war in any depth because warm summer days had arrived in Dakota. School was out for the summer.

Perhaps the war held such raw memories that our teachers shoved it under the table. Left it to simmer and sort itself out.

Besides, the Cold War had set in. And we had to look to the future. We built more advanced weapons and surveillance systems. We practiced diving under our big oak desks, hands over our heads, to protect ourselves from any Russian bomb that might zap into Mrs. McGhie’s room there on the prairie. We stumped around the neighborhood, handing out I Like Ike pins to the voters—mostly Republican in North Dakota. But everyone knew that a guy who could manage a war could manage our country and even those Russians.

So today we begin again.

A new year.

Hope for the future.


While all around us war is waged.

If you want to look at our world to see where the current wars are, a good site to browse is




3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. eileen

    yes, Jane, it’s sad – I heard we lose 500 WWII vets per day now – I bet alot of kids in school have no idea what that conflict was all about – it feels irrelevant to them – and thanks for the link to “wars in progress” The world is in such a mess!!

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